What’s one thing nearly every teacher can agree on? The 3rd quarter of the school year is tough. Although the days are shorter, they feel longer. Then, once you’re finally in the groove … it’s spring break! Here’s how to get back in the swing of things and keep your students healthy through test season.

1. Spruce up your space.

Want to get your class hyped for 4th quarter? A little spring cleaning, rearranging or redecorating works wonders! It doesn’t have to break the bank either. Check out these FREE flyers and posters. They also reinforce healthy habits!

2. Take brain breaks.

This time of year is hectic, but making time for stretching, arm circles, jumping jacks or brain games can help students reset — and return ready to learn!

3. Snack smart.

Keeping kids on track is already tough — without tossing lots of sugar in the mix! Instead, encourage parents to send fruit, veggies, whole grains or another healthy snack from this handout.

4. Celebrate hydration.

Did you know drinking water can improve concentration and cognitive function? Teach your students about water’s perks with this classroom activity — and keep a full jug in your classroom. Want to jazz it up? Infuse it!

5. Cover sleep.

Sleep is an underrated superhero. It boosts our mood, memory, immune system and so much more. Emphasize the benefits of sleep — and how much your students need. Then, challenge them to log their own ZZZs in this sleep tracker.

Teaching healthy habits? It’s worth every second. It keeps your kids engaged, motivated and energized for spring testing — and everything else! Also, don’t forget to practice what you teach. Teaching is a demanding career, and you deserve to feel your best, too. Ramp up your self-care with these healthy hacks — and remember: Summer vacation is only a few weeks away!