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Tips and tools to live healthier.

Eat Better. Move More. Drink Water. Be Tobacco Free.

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What’s New with Shape Your Future:

Shape Your Future provides resources for parents, children, teachers, businesses and all Oklahomans to help them make the healthy choice the easy choice.

Make Your Summer Sizzle!

How do you like your BBQ? Smoked? Grilled? With sauce? Without? This summer, cook up your BBQ favorites a new way: healthy-style.

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Free Local Activities This Summer

From the roughest trails to your own backyard, adventures lurk all over Oklahoma. Find out free ways to stay active today!

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Easy Tips for a Healthy Summer

Hydration is key during the hot months. Find out how you can refresh your water this spring and summer.

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Time-Saving Activities

Finding spare time in your schedule to get active can be hard. Use these tips to squeeze more activity into your day.

Living Tobacco Free

Along with eating better and moving more, being tobacco free is important for a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Living 101

Are you curious to learn more about your overall health? Check out the Healthy Living 101 portion of our website to learn more!

Sugary Drink Quiz

Just how unhealthy are sugary drinks? Drink water and take our quiz to find out.