Over time, small changes will lead to bigger, more impactful changes down the road. When one person makes a healthy choice, it often leads to more people making them too. With a combined effort, we can turn Oklahoma into one incredibly healthy state.

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For Amber, it only took 20 minutes on a treadmill to clear her head for the first time in ages! Now, she makes healthy living a priority for her entire family. Amber discovered that physical health is about more than fitness; it’s also one of the best things you can do for your mental health — and it has impacted her family for the better.


Healthy living doesn’t have to be complicated. Just ask DeLanie! Making delicious, healthy meals, walking every day and finding childlike enjoyment in physical activity switched DeLanie’s health journey into overdrive! Now, she feels better than ever before, and there’s no turning back.


Alex is a mom and works full time. She decided to make small changes in her life that would lead to her entire family becoming healthier. She noticed herself needing to make a change when she walked up one flight of stairs and realized that she couldn’t do it without becoming winded. She started making small changes like planning ahead by meal prepping healthy meals, eating healthy snacks at work and going on family bike rides. Need some inspiration? Just watch Alex’s story!


Did you know that just one soda contains a whopping 10 packets of sugar? (See for yourself with our Sugar Calculator!) Soda is linked to weight gain, obesity, type 2 diabetes and lots of other health problems. So, what happens when you stop drinking soda and choose water instead? Just ask Chad.

Sisters In Motion

A little bit of movement every day pays dividends in a big way. For Rita Freeney, this statement isn’t just a friendly “suggestion” it’s the idea behind her non-profit walking group, Sisters in Motion. Watch and learn all about them. Plus, find other ways to get active in your community here!

Collinsville, Oklahoma

Residents in Collinsville, Oklahoma are hiking and biking more than ever. Why? The series of trails around the city might have something to do with it. Thanks in part to a TSET Healthy Communities Incentive Grant, a series of trails were installed to encourage citizens to get active. Watch their story to learn more.

For the kids at Cleveland Elementary School in Oklahoma City, life is a garden… and they dig it. With help from a grant through the Whole Kids Foundation and several generous volunteers, Cleveland Elementary built their very own school garden. Kids get to learn about where their food comes from, plus they help tend the garden and even sell their produce to local farmers markets!

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