Shape Your Future strives to educate Oklahomans on ways to eat better, move more, drink water and be tobacco free. We provide resources for parents, children, teachers, businesses and all Oklahomans to help them make the healthy choice the easy choice.

Shape Your Future is funded through the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET). We happily engage with partners across the state to reduce obesity and to increase the overall health and wellness of all Oklahomans.


Potential Partners:

If you would like to talk with someone from Shape Your Future about a local event in your community or using Shape Your Future’s resources at a health fair or event, please click the link to complete the form. Someone will be in contact with you soon.


TSET Healthy Living Program Grantees:

Want to make a bigger impact? Work with officials to improve community health. Shape Your Future makes the process easy by connecting you with TSET Healthy Living Program grantees in your area! Just click the button below to get started!


Free Shape Your Future Resources:

Shape Your Future has free materials for health care providers — like posters, prescription pads, tip cards and more that provide healthy reminders to patients.


Shape Your Future has free posters for teachers, school nurses, parents and more that are easily downloadable from the link below.


Interested in partnering with Shape Your Future or using the Shape Your Future logo?

Please contact TSET Health Communication at (405) 521-3888 or email your request to Kellib@tset.ok.gov.

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