Healthy Living Starts with One Healthy Habit

We live in the age of information. While that’s generally a positive thing, it can feel overwhelming. That’s why this page exists: to equip you with information about nutrition, physical activity and other healthy habits — in bite-sized chunks. From quizzes to quick tips, here are some tools to help you live a healthier life.

Discover the Power of One Healthy Habit

You’ve experienced a powerful lightbulb moment. Now what? Here’s how to create a healthy lifestyle that lasts — one small step at a time.

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Want healthy recommendations suited to your lifestyle? Just answer seven quick questions!

Understanding Food

Whether you want to learn more about calories or how to read food labels, this hub contains a wealth of healthy info.

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Understanding Physical Activity

Most of us know we should move our bodies, but a lot of us don’t know why. Check out these benefits of physical activity — and where to start.

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Sometimes sleep takes a backseat to our other healthy goals, but it’s just as important. Kids need 10-12 hours a night, and adults need 7-9. Avoid screen time one hour before bed to fall asleep faster.

5 Tips for Tackling Stress the Healthy Way

Sometimes, we use food to soothe ourselves when times get tough — but that choice comes with risks. Here’s how to manage stress in a healthier way.

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Store bottles of infused water in the fridge so you can quickly grab them when you’re on the go. The key to sticking to healthy habits is to plan ahead and set yourself up for success.

How Screen Time Affects Kids’ Health

Kids’ brains develop at fast rates, and they need real-life experiences to support this growth. Too much screen time can lead to behavior problems, shorter attention spans and more.

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Over time, small changes will lead to bigger, more impactful changes down the road. Check out these stories for more inspiration.

Talk To Your Kids

You can help your kids start living healthier today! Explore this section to learn about obesity and talking points when talking to your kids about health.

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Living Tobacco Free

A tobacco-free life not only improves your health, but the health of those around you as well.

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