Jumpstart Your Health

Eating better. Moving more. Drinking water. Being tobacco free. Individually, these four simple ideas can jumpstart your health. Collectively, they’ll improve your body and mind for a lifetime.

For kids, this complete picture of heath is essential to growth and development. Kids who are physically active, drink water and eat healthy can focus more, concentrate better and do better in school. Making healthy choices now creates positive habits that will remain with kids throughout the rest of their lives.

Staying healthy in all aspects of life is equally as important for adults. By eating right, being active and avoiding tobacco, you can maintain a healthy weight, lower your cholesterol and reduce blood pressure. Healthier adults also tend to feel better and live longer lives, with stronger hearts and fewer illnesses and diseases.

Understanding Food

When it comes to foods and drinks, choosing healthy options can make you feel better and help you live a longer, healthier life.

Understanding Physical Activity

Physical fitness is important for a healthy body and mind. No matter your age, shape or size, there are tons of benefits to being physically active.

Living Tobacco Free

A tobacco-free life not only improves your health, but the health of those around you as well.

Success Stories

Over time, small changes will lead to bigger, more impactful changes down the road. Check out these stories for more inspiration.

Talk To Your Kids

You can help your kids start living healthier today! Explore this section to learn about obesity and talking points when talking to your kids about health.