Everyone experiences stress in one form or another. But, as you can probably guess, not all forms of dealing with stress are created equal.

The good news? These methods are proven to be effective — and many are fun!

Take a look below at 5 healthy ways to fight stress.

1. Get Better Sleep

sleep better

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for minimizing stress. Sleep allows your mind to recharge and gives your body time to recover.

Quick tips for improving sleep:

  • Limit screen time to outside your bedroom — including your phone and TV.
  • As bedtime approaches, immerse yourself in a relaxing activity. Reading or working on a puzzle are two great examples.
  • Consistency is king. Set and stick to a pre-bedtime routine.

Find more tips for getting good sleep.

2. Say Goodnight to Screen Time

stop screen time

Limiting screen time — especially before bed — is critical for ensuring a good night’s rest.

Blue light emitted from phone, laptop and TV screens trick your brain into becoming more alert. This can have harmful effects on your quality of sleep.

Limiting screen time also helps with reducing stress. Many studies link social media use with feelings of anxiety, fear of missing out (FOMO) and depression. Deleting your accounts may seem like a drastic step, but doing so can go a long way to improving your mental health.

3. Work the Stress Out with Physical Activity

workouts reduce stress

Adults should aim for 30 minutes of physical activity per day. What counts as physical activity? Anything from a neighborhood walk to a calming yoga session. Oh, and giving your house a deep clean does wonders for stress relief!

More movement ideas:

Bike rides, hikes or runs are fun — and they go the distance to alleviate stress.

Play games with your kids! Turn your neighborhood walks into scavenger hunts or take the soccer ball to a park and kick the stress away!

4. Snack on THIS

healthy snacks

Food cravings come with the territory, but eating “comfort foods” can make you feel worse. Foods high in processed sugar have a negative effect on sleep and mood. Think of food as fuel — and choose the best fuel for your body. Keep your kitchen stocked with healthy snacks like almonds and bananas. Or try some of these satisfying snack recipes!

Quick Healthy Eating tips:

Choose water instead of sugary drinks.

Fill at least half your plate with fruits & veggies.

5. Head to Relaxation Station

outdoor activities

Carve out time each day to relax. Try reading or closing your eyes and picturing yourself in a happy place.

You can also use this time as a break from your smart phone and scrolling through social media.

Play the Long Game

Think about stress relief as an opportunity – a chance for new adventures, new hobbies and ways to create memories with your family. Plus, creating stress-fighting habits when your kids are young could cement positive habits they’ll enjoy for life.

When it comes to making healthy choices, the payoff isn’t always immediate. It will take time before you feel the benefits of adopting newer, healthier ways of beating stress. It won’t be long, however, before your body and mind reap the rewards.

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