Every kid should be healthy every week… especially during Every Kid Healthy Week this April!

Each spring, schools and school partners across the nation celebrate Every Kid Healthy Week. Observed the last week of April, the event shines a light on the remarkable efforts educators are making to improve the health and wellness of their students. Studies show that healthier, more active students achieve higher test scores, better classroom participation and fewer disciplinary problems. By providing healthy environments, schools significantly impact a child’s health and academic success.

During Every Kid Healthy Week, support your teachers and educators who are making an impact on your child’s health. Share some creative ideas with them to help kids be healthier in school, like these classroom activities.

At home, keep the drive to be healthy alive with these 6 fun, family-friendly ideas.

Be a Smoothie Operator

Healthy eating for kids starts at home. If you want to pack a ton of nutrition into a single glass, a fresh, homemade smoothie is a smooth move. In the morning, blend together fruits like blueberries, strawberries and raspberries with a banana. Add a few spoonfuls of plain low fat yogurt, a few ice cubes and a splash of low fat milk… then purée away!

Stretch Out In the Morning

Rise and shine a little brighter by starting your morning with some simple physical activity. Do some arm circles or toe touches with your kids after breakfast, or do some calf raises while you brush your teeth. You could even try doing some yoga poses before heading out the door. Loosening up can help you wake up, plus the moderate activity will give you some energy to start your day.

Pack a Powerful Lunch

Whether it’s a hot lunch or cold lunch, every meal should be built with nutrition in mind. So pack a lunch that packs a punch. Give your children crispy veggies instead of salty chips, and use whole-wheat bread for sandwiches. For inspiration, discover dozens of delicious, low-cost lunch recipes here.

Play Ball!

Wondering how to get kids moving after school? Have a ball playing ball. Grab your gloves and play catch in the backyard, or Thunder up in your driveway for a game of H-O-R-S-E. Try playing a new sport every day, or get creative and make up your own game!

Let Kids Pitch in in the Kitchen

At dinnertime, give your kids a role when cooking the meal. They’ll be more interested in eating something they were involved in preparing. Plus, you can teach them important nutritional knowledge in the process. Check out the Shape Your Future Guide to Cooking Healthy for more nutrition tips for kids here.

Try Some Physical Ac-TV-ity

Keep your health in tune when you turn on the TV. Instead of just lounging on the couch, add activities to TV time. During commercial breaks, have contests with your kids to see who can do more push-ups or crunches. Or, do some acting yourself by mimicking an activity that is happening on screen, like an incredible catch during a baseball game.

With these tips, you can keep your kid feeling as sound as a bell… before and after the school bell rings. For more health tips for kids, visit ShapeYourFutureOK.com.