We have eight great ways to get your kids active — outdoors and in. Stay healthy and active as a family by making memories and having fun. Read on for details.


1. Dig into a Scavenger Hunt

Discover excitement, adventure and a family-friendly way to stay active with a scavenger hunt! Try our Pirate Scavenger Hunt, or write down your own list of items for your kids to find … then let the fun begin! List items that can be found around the house or expand the boundaries to include the yard or entire neighborhood. Invite friends and neighbors to join, making for a fun search party!

2. Post-Dinner Strolls

A walk around the block is one of the easiest ways for families to get active. It requires no equipment, is free, and you can do it any time! Plus, exploring the outdoors is a fantastic way to bond. Make your family walk a tradition by going after dinner every night (a healthy dinner, that is).

Watch the video and add some style to your stride with ten fun ways to walk.

3. Get Neighborly

Get the whole neighborhood to stay healthy by organizing fun events. During the day, help your kids host a 4-square tournament or a bike ride with the neighbors! After all, what’s more freeing than a breezy bike ride through the neighborhood? Just don’t forget the helmets!

Once the sun goes down, buzz around and catch some lightning bugs. Or play flashlight tag, ghost in the graveyard or hide and seek. There are tons of ways to play!

4. Monkey Around at the Zoo


You don’t have to stay holed up at home all break. Go wild for an afternoon at the zoo! There’s plenty of room to move around and get 60 minutes of physical activity. Plus, it gets kids away from screens and other distractions. Before you go, print off our exciting Zoo Scavenger Hunt List to create an interactive experience!


5. Have a Healthy Picnic


Wherever you trek, be sure to eat some healthy food along the way. Pack a picnic with delicious and nutritious fruits and veggies. Then wash it all down with refreshing, ice-cold water! Try our Pear and Avocado Sandwich or Healthy Lunch Packs for a simple, portable lunch. Explore more healthy, easy lunch recipes here.

Don’t forget about the car ride! Try the recipes below, perfect for snacking on the go!

6. Keep Your Backseat Bees Busy

car games

Taking a long car ride over the break? Avoid countless “Are we there yet?” questions by keeping your kids occupied with fun activity sheets! Our various coloring pages, brain games and more will create hours of buzz for the kids (and quiet time for you). Plus, they’ll help remind your kids to eat better, move more and be tobacco free!

7. Try this Dandy Sandy Idea

If you’re heading to the lake over break, rake in the fun with some Sand Pictionary. You could even play in a sandbox or at a baseball or softball field in the dirt! Click the link to learn how to play! Lake not part of your summer plans? Check out tons of other fun family-friendly activities here!

8. Dining on the go? Use the Healthy Route

Going out to eat is always a treat, but it shouldn’t be an excuse to eat unhealthy foods. Download our Healthy Eating Out Flyer and maneuver the menu with a handful of helpful, healthy tips.

No matter how you spend your break, these eight ways to keep your kids active, healthy and are sure to create lifelong memories. For countless other activities, recipes and healthy tips, make a break for ShapeYourFutureOK.com!