Hey, Oklahoma teachers! Do you have a big idea that keeps you up at night? Is a lack of funding holding you back? With the right strategy, soon your wish could be granted! Each year, millions of dollars are awarded to classrooms, schools and districts. Some grants fund specific purposes, while others are more open-ended. Today, we’ll walk you through each type — and pro tips for applying.

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Oklahoma Educators Credit Union (OECU) Grants

Have an idea for your individual classroom? Check out OECU’s Big Idea Grant. One major perk? You can apply year-round!

The Fine Print

All applicants must be:

  1. Active OECU members in good standing
  2. Employed by a K-12 institution within Oklahoma

Additionally, check out these guidelines for projects:

AcceptableOff Limits
Classroom equipmentFurniture
Teaching materialsField trips
Other classroom necessitiesElectronic equipment for one-person use
Magazine or software subscriptions
Supplies typically provided by the school

Pro Tips for Your OECU Application

Include as many specific details about your project as possible. Start with these questions:

  1. Why does your project matter?
  2. What are your goals?
  3. Are your requested materials reusable?
  4. Will the funds be matched?
  5. What size of group will this project benefit? 

Next Steps

Does an OECU grant sound like the right fit? Start your application here! 

TSET Healthy Incentive Program Grants

Are you passionate about promoting health in your entire school or district? Apply for a TSET grant!

The Fine Print

TSET grants fund school initiatives that establish and support healthy behaviors for students, teachers and staff. Winning projects typically revolve around one or more of these three pillars:

  • Tobacco-free environments
  • Nutrition environment and services
  • Physical education and physical activity

TSET offers two types of school grants: site and district. Keep in mind that to apply for a site grant, your school district must first receive a district grant. 

Pro Tips for Your TSET Application

  1. Assemble a wellness committee to review grant guidelines, your application and resource documents. Then, gather the required documentation and prepare for application.
  2. Apply on time — or better yet … EARLY. These funds are in high demand and awarded on a first come, first served basis. You can review application deadlines here.
  3. Learn from the successes of previous grant recipients. Read up on Jenks’ Action-Based Learning Lab here. Watch this video about Altus’ Hydroponic Grow Towers! Or check out the TSET Better Health podcast! Episode 19 outlines additional school grant information.

Next Steps

  • Email your contact info and a brief summary of your idea to Laura Matlock, TSET’s Healthy Incentive Grant Program Officer, at LauraM@tset.ok.gov.
  • Learn more and/or apply for school district or site grants here.

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Additional Grants

Each year, the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) awards millions of dollars to teachers, schools and districts. These projects range from literacy to substance abuse prevention. Check out the full list of available OSDE grants and previous winners here.

Now that you know the basics, it’s application time! Our most important piece of advice? Don’t give up! If your application gets rejected, it doesn’t mean your project was a bad idea. Ask questions, analyze more success stories and turn your experience into a teachable moment. After all, you’re a teacher. That’s what you do best!