Make it your business to make your business tobacco free. Not only can it improve the health of your employees and customers, it can improve the wealth of your business. By establishing a tobacco-free business, you can:

Protect employee health.

  • Exposure to secondhand smoke increases the risk of an acute coronary heart event by 25-35%.

Lower your costs.

  • On average, Oklahoma businesses lose $4,400 a year for every employee that smokes from higher medical and insurance costs and shorter, less productive workdays.

Increase productivity and morale.

  • Employees who take four 10-minute smoke breaks a day actually work one month less per year than workers who don’t take smoke breaks.
  • Smokers have more trouble concentrating due to nicotine withdrawal.
  • Smoking costs Oklahoma $1.73 billion a year in productivity losses.

Reduce the number of sick days.

  • Employees who use tobacco products are more likely to miss work.
  • On average, smokers miss 6.2 days of work annually due to sickness (including smoking-related acute and chronic conditions), compared to non-smokers who miss only 3.9 days of work per year.

Protect yourself from possible liability.

  • Reduce the risk of lawsuits being filed by employees who become ill from inhaling secondhand smoke.
  • Eliminate disability claims based on secondhand smoke exposure.
  • Prevent violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which are filed by people with respiratory problems who cannot work in your business due to tobacco smoke pollution.

Improve your company’s image.

  • A tobacco-free policy demonstrates your business cares about the health of its employees, customers and community.
  • The majority of Oklahomans support smokefree businesses, as they recognize secondhand smoke as a health hazard.