It can be tempting to set big, bold resolutions at the beginning of each new year. You feel motivated to make a fresh start and put your health first. But after a few weeks, it can be tough to stick to hard, time-consuming goals. We’ve all been there, but this year, why not try a new approach and start small?  

Make some easy, realistic changes that will help your family be healthier. If you need help getting the whole crew on board, download our reward card and get tips below!

In addition, try these healthy hacks (or make up your own):

1. Move more in 2021 by establishing a few easy-to-make changes to your daily routine, such as:

  • Each morning set your alarm 10 minutes earlier, so you can do some simple stretches (or a set of calf raises while you shower or brush your teeth).
  • At work, sneak in a set of chair lunges or seated oblique bends at the top of every hour.
  • Elevate your heart rate by skipping the elevator. Taking the stairs is another simple way to infuse your day with little pockets of physical activity.
  • Take walk breaks instead of smoke breaks. Kill two birds with one stone by choosing a tobacco free, physically active lifestyle.

2. Choose grains that lead to health gains.

Opt for whole wheat bread instead of white bread and swap regular pasta for whole wheat. Instead of sugary breakfast foods like a cinnamon roll, try a whole wheat bagel.

infused water

3. Swap sugar-sweetened beverages for water.

Sodas, energy drinks, and sweet tea are packed with empty calories that add up quickly. Choose water (or infused water) as your drink of choice!

meal prep

4. Meal prep can put a pep in your step.

Cooking at home instead of eating out will help your family eat more nutritious meals in 2021. Plus, you can involve your kids in making healthy meals. To make the cooking process more manageable, try planning ahead and prepping meals in advance that you can freeze and reheat throughout the week.

The benefits?

  • Saving time. Just pop your pre-prepped meals into the microwave or oven and you’re all set for dinner! It makes for a quick, easy meal on a busy evening.
  • Saving money. Meal prepping can save your money, too. By making several meals at once, you’ll waste less food, especially if some recipes share the same ingredients. Plus, if certain ingredients are on sale, you can take huge advantage of grocery sales. And with all of your meals already planned out and prepared, it’ll prevent you from spending money on fast food or other carryout meals throughout the week.

Try meal prepping this week with a few of these healthy, budget-friendly recipes below!

smaller food portions

5. Take advantage of what’s in front of you.

In 2021, try a new workout class in your community, start or join a walking group, or use apps that are on your phone to ensure you’re staying on track. There are numerous health apps that help you track steps, check your heart rate and more! A quick, easy download could do more for you than you know.

Remember, small changes lead to big results because they are practical. We’ve got your back with tons more healthy tips and resources. See how you can live a healthier life in 2021. Visit ShapeYourFutureOK.com today to get started.