It’s easy to set big and bold resolutions at the beginning of each new year. But after a few weeks (or even days), it can be tough to keep up with them. So instead of making big resolutions, start small. A few easy, realistic changes can help your family be healthier this new year.

In 2018, make it your goal to be healthier by making easy changes. By keeping your goals small and achievable, you can turn your healthy actions into healthy habits that will carry on long after the first few weeks of the new year. Start with the some of these ideas below, and explore ShapeYourFutureOK.com for more healthy ideas.

Another easy, healthy idea? Cooking at home instead of eating out. It’ll help your family eat more nutritious meals. Plus, it’s easy to involve your kids in the process of making healthy choices. When kids play a role in preparing healthy foods, it can be easier to fill half their plate with fruits and veggies regularly. To make the cooking process easier, try planning ahead and prepping meals in advance.

Have you heard of meal prepping? It’s when you spend time preparing several meals that you can freeze and reheat throughout the week. The benefits?

Saved time.

With a fully prepared meal in the freezer, just pop the dish in your fridge to unthaw overnight and then bake! That makes for a quick, easy dinner on a busy evening. Click here for time-saving tips.

Saved money.

Meal prepping can help you stretch your budget, too. By making several meals at once, you’ll waste less food, especially if some recipes share the same ingredients. Plus, if certain ingredients are on sale, you can take huge advantage of ordinary grocery sales. And with all of your meals already planned out and prepared, it’ll prevent you from spending money on fast food or other carryout meals throughout the week.

Try meal prepping this week with a few of the healthy, budget-friendly recipes below!

Want to Get Active? Activate New Habits.

Move more in 2018 by establishing a few easy-to-make changes to your daily routine. Each morning, set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier so you can do some simple stretches. Or do a set of calf raises every morning while you shower or brush your teeth. At work, sneak in a set of chair lunges or seated oblique bends at the top of every hour. You can find tons of ways to stay active at work and other fitness inspiration here.

Simple changes. Huge results.

Make 2018 your healthiest year yet by developing new, healthy habits. To help motivate your kids to join you, download our Healthy Habits Reward card! For every 5 healthy choices they make throughout the week, reward them with a fun family activity!

Download our reward card here, and for tons more healthy tips and resources on how you can live a healthier life, visit ShapeYourFutureOK.com.