Halloween is a kid favorite for a reason. There are spooky decorations, festive costumes and fun activities. But there’s also a lot of sugar floating around. As a parent, it’s challenging to know which choices are the right ones. Keep reading for some practical tips for keeping your family healthy, whether you decide to go out … or stay in.

Tips for Trick-or-Treat Goers

Halloween and candy go together like a witch and a broomstick. Too much of those unhealthy treats can do scary things to your child’s health. So before you send your kids out for trick-or-treating, follow these four tips…

  1. Have a healthy meal with fruits and veggies. Filling up on a healthy meal before they go out can reduce their temptation to snack or overindulge.
  2. Discuss limits ahead of time. Encourage your kids to be mindful of the amount of candy and snacks they eat.
  3. Find the right bag. Make sure your child’s trick-or-treat bag is appropriately sized. Smaller bags mean less sweets.
  4. Set boundaries. Limit the houses your children visit to a 2- or 3-block radius. This way, you’ll have a more moderate amount of treats to manage.


Tips for Stay-At-Homers

Staying home on Halloween night? Whip up these healthy treats!

Healthy Treat Options


Or, lose the food altogether and give out fun items like:


Cook up even more fun by serving these delicious dishes for your family to snack on.


Whether you’re a trick-or-treat goer or stay-at-homer, celebrate Halloween with your health in mind. For more wicked-awesome ideas, follow us on Pinterest.