Many common beverages like soda, energy drinks, sports drinks and juice boxes are hiding a big secret — they’re full of sugar and are leading contributors to weight gain and type 2 diabetes. These beverages can also lead to kidney disease, tooth decay and more.

The good news? Moving away from these drinks in favor of water has immediate and long-term benefits like improved digestion and a better regulated appetite.

How should you start? Here are some tips:

soda comparison

  • See how much sugar you’re drinking with the Shape Your Future Drink Sugar Calculator.
  • Director of the Healthy Future Clinic, Dr. Ashley Weedn, recommends starting small. She says, “Making just one healthy change, like drinking one less sugary drink per day, is a great first step.” Other ways to gradually phase out soda? Try diet or sugar-free beverage options. These small changes can help you step into better, long-term changes over time.
  • Worried you’ll miss the fizz? Seltzer water is perfect for getting your soda bubbles without the sugar troubles.
  • At the grocery store, resist the urge to add sugary drinks to your cart. Beating the temptation once at the store is easier than fighting it every time you open the fridge!

fruit bowl

  • Avoiding sugar cravings is key. Stock up on fruits like bananas, mangos, peaches and grapes, or try one of these healthy sweet treats.
  • Add flavor to your H2O. Try infused water recipes from Shape Your Future.

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Remember: Adopting healthy, long-lasting habits starts with small changes! Learn more about how small changes can lead to BIG benefits by exploring ShapeYourFutureOK.com