child eat better

Not only can fruits and vegetables help your health grow stronger, they can help your family grow stronger, too. Spend time teaching your kids the importance of good health with these easy, bite-sized tips. 

Be a role model.

Your children look up to you. So when you develop healthy habits, it will inspire them to do the same.

Cook together.

Let your kids pitch in in the kitchen. They can wash the produce, tear the lettuce for salads and sandwiches, or snap some green beans.

Shop together.

Bring your kids to the supermarket. It’s a super idea that will empower them to pick out new foods to try.

Plant a garden.

Grow your own fruits and vegetables. Juicy tomatoes, mouthwatering watermelon, spicy peppers… the possibilities are endless.

Root out distractions.

Turn off the TV, ignore phone calls and clear the table of excess clutter. Focus on fun, engaging conversation while you eat, and make mealtime stress-free.

Go bananas.

Cut fruits and vegetables into animal shapes or create nicknames for different snacks. Another fun idea is to pick a color each day, and then have your kids try fruits and vegetables that match that color.