child eat better

Getting picky eaters to try new foods may be difficult. But if your child isn’t filling at least half their plate with fruits and vegetables, they’re missing out on much-needed nutrients. Follow these simple tips to make choosing healthy foods more kid-friendly.

“Try It Tuesdays.”

Once a week, have the whole family select a new food to try.

The “No Thank You Bite” rule.

Children can veto items if they don’t like them, but they have to try at least one bite first.


Give cute nicknames to fruits and vegetables, like “x-ray vision carrots” or “hero buttons” for Brussels sprouts.

Shop and cook together.

Kids will be more inclined to eat what they helped make.

Kitchen toys.

Fun appliances like a blender or juicer can inspire kids to make healthy snacks.

Hide healthy foods.

Top pizza with mushrooms and peppers or add spinach to lasagna. For dessert, make a fruit smoothie with low fat yogurt or make homemade applesauce with real apples.

Play with your food.

Cut fruits and veggies into animal shapes or create a silly face with your food to make eating more fun.