The holidays are a time filled with joy and laughter — until you run out of gift ideas. Avoid the mad dash through department stores and stay within your holiday budget with these fun, active gifts that won’t drain your wallet.


1. Chalk

Chalk is a great gift because it unleashes your child’s creative side both indoors and outdoors. On nice days, your kids can create a driveway masterpiece. If you’d rather stay inside, small chalkboards or pieces of cardboard make great canvases!


2. Bubbles

Who doesn’t like blowing bubbles? The simple joy of seeing who can make the longest-lasting bubble or who can pop the most bubbles never gets old. Plus, it’s a great way to get active!

animal stickers

3. Stickers

Stickers of all shapes and sizes make for an easy activity and an affordable way to reinforce healthy habits. Your kids will also love seeing their favorite animals or characters in their stockings!


4. Jump Rope

A jump rope fits right into a stocking and brings hours of physical fun. Pick one up at your local dollar store for cheap!


5. Popcorn

Why not throw a healthy snack in the stockings? Your kids can munch on some popcorn between opening presents.

Sleeping mask

6. Sleep Mask

Sleep masks are a budget-friendly way to block out distractions and get deeper sleep. Note: These can be unsafe for toddlers and younger kids, so check the label to ensure your child is old enough before purchasing.

coloring books

7. Coloring Book

Find a fun coloring book filled with magical lands or forests with plants and animals for your kids to explore!

Water bottle

8. Water Bottle

Give your kids water bottles to encourage healthy drinking habits. Find one that helps them track how many ounces they’ve consumed or one with a fun design they’ll love.

Key chain

9. Key Chain

Purchase a cheap key chain your child can put on their backpack. From their favorite city or character to a family picture, there are so many options! They’ll show their friends their new decoration on the first day back at school in January.

Stocking stuffers don’t have to be expensive. Sometimes the simplest gifts are the ones that create the best memories. For more affordable tips to make this holiday season memorable and nutritious, head to our holiday homepage!