With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, party planning is in full force! As you scour the stores for sweet cards and holiday snacks, why not consider making this love-filled holiday a healthy one? Here are 9 Cupid-approved snacks that will fill bellies and hearts this Valentine’s Day.

Berry Sweet Kababs

1. Berry Sweet Kababs

Let’s start with a berrylicious idea! Mix and match your favorite pink, red and purple fruits, and cut a few into heart shapes. Then, grab some skewer sticks and combine the colorful fruits for festive fun. Strawberries, seedless cherries, raspberries, watermelon and grapes will all make delicious combinations of this sweet treat!

Conversation Cuties

2. Conversation Cuties

Give your kids some words of encouragement with healthy conversation cuties. For this snack, you’ll need a permanent marker and a bag or two of oranges or clementines. Write positive messages, smiley faces or puns on the fruits’ peels, and hand them out on party day!

3. Cupid’s Arrows

Take a cue from Cupid: Veggies can be exciting! Using grape or cherry tomatoes, toothpicks and thinly sliced cucumbers, make arrow-shaped treats to grab on party day. This healthy snack will leave everyone lovestruck!

love bug fruit cups

4. Love Bug Fruit Cups

If your kids’ school requires pre-packaged snacks, this decorative treat is perfect for you. Grab a permanent marker, scissors, glue and a few strips of paper to make your love bugs come to life. If you’re looking for a party project, have kids or guests make their own love bug to snack on!

Heart-Filled Yogurt Bark

5. Heart-Filled Yogurt Bark

Whip up these chilly treats that are full of sweetness! Spread a thin layer of Greek yogurt on a baking sheet. Then, slice your favorite fruits into heart-shaped pieces and place them in the yogurt. Put the baking sheet in the freezer for two hours or overnight. When you’re ready to serve, break the yogurt into snack-sized pieces and enjoy!

Fresh fruit pops

6. Fresh Fruit Pops

Add another chilly treat to the mix. Grab your favorite fruits from the produce section. Apples, strawberries, bananas and kiwis are all great options for this tasty snack; use a combination of fruits or choose just one to lower the cost. Slice or peel your fruit if needed and poke a skewer stick into the bottom. Then, dip each fruit into melted chocolate. Place in the freezer for two hours or overnight and enjoy!

Pink & Red Snack Mix

7. Pink & Red Snack Mix

Sometimes, all you need is a little color! Bring a festive flair to your favorite snack mix with pink and red dried fruit (think dried strawberries or craisins). Add whole grain cereal, oats, unsalted nuts and more to your mix and snack away!

Pretzel Stick Bouquets

8. Pretzel Stick Bouquets

Create a tasty arrangement with sweet, red and pink fruits and salty pretzel sticks. Poke the pretzel stick into the bottom of fresh raspberries or strawberries and serve in bushels of 3 to 5.

Lovey Dovey Fruit & Veggie Tray

9. Lovey Dovey Fruit & Veggie Tray

Short on time? Keep it simple! Pick your kids’ favorite fruits and veggies and arrange them in a cute pattern. It only takes a little love to make a big impression!

This year, make your Valentine’s Day more than fun with these healthy, sharable snacks! Looking for more ways to add health to your holiday? Check out our Valentine’s Day hub for tips to make your party or date night nutritious and fun!