In the winter months, the days grow shorter, and the nights grow longer. And your options for staying physically active grow more limited. But just because you can’t play outside with your kids until bedtime doesn’t mean you can’t be active! Try your hand (or feet) at these activities you can do — no sunlight required.

1. Explore a museum. What’s better than getting physical activity and getting educated at the same time? Shop around online for upcoming events or coupons to your local museums.

2. Walk the mall. The mall is a great place to walk when it’s cold, dark and dreary outside. It’s warm, well-lit and full of colorful displays for window shopping.

3. Conquer the stairs. Better yet, race each other up the stairs. A little friendly competition can lead to a healthy spike of the heartrate and loads of laughter. No stairs nearby? Try these other indoor activities.

4. Try balloon volleyball. Net 60 minutes of physical activity with a new game. All you need is a piece of yarn and two chairs for a net, and an inflated balloon for a ball. Throw in a mid-game curveball — no hands. Only feet and heads!

5. Let the good times roll. Stop, drop and roll…erskate. Skating is great cardiovascular exercise, so it’s good for the heart, lungs and mood!

6. Rearrange the furniture. Not only does it work up a sweat, but it can also change the whole atmosphere of your home, making it feel fresh and new!

7. Have a bowl. Bowling is a fun family activity that incorporates both strength and cardio alike! It will be right up your family’s alley.

8. Play in the snow. Make snow angels, build a snowman, go sledding or try these other winter activities. It all counts towards your daily physical activity goal!

9. Rake leaves. Make chores fun by turning them into games. First one to rake their section of the yard gets a special prize!

10. Visit a corn maze or pumpkin patch. Stroll through every corner of the pumpkin patch to make sure you choose the perfect one. Then, play tag in a corn maze! And check out these other fall activity ideas.

11. Take a holiday light tour. Bundle up and explore your neighborhood’s holiday lights on foot. You’ll conserve energy and expend it… at the same time. Need more winter family activities?

12. Build an indoor obstacle course. Use furniture, blankets or other household objects to create obstacles for your course, fort or maze. As the afternoon progresses, add additional challenges to keep it exciting.

13. Have a dance party. Shake off those winter blues by putting on some groovy music and busting a move. Need inspiration? Look up a how-to video for a new dance style on YouTube and learn how to do it together. If dancing is not your thing, browse this list for more indoor activity ideas.

14. Cook healthy meals together. Involving your kids in the meal-prepping process can encourage them to try new dishes. It’s also a great way to keep kids entertained while you cook — without putting them in front of a screen. Need new healthy recipe ideas? Start here.

Staying active will help minimize the impact the time change has on your kids and help them better adjust to a new sleep schedule. No matter which activities you choose, be sure to participate and play along with your kids for 60 minutes each day. Kids pick up on enthusiasm, and it’s contagious. So get creative, get active and make heartwarming memories that will last for a lifetime.