With kids in school, life can get super hectic. The good news? Health and convenience can go hand-in-hand! Take a look at how a few easy, realistic swaps can make your entire family healthier without making any extreme changes.

These 10 simple swaps will set your family up for the healthiest school year yet.

morning stretches with kids

Mornings with Movement over Mornings without Movement

Add some motion to your morning routine. When you wake up, give your arms and legs a good stretch. Then, in the bathroom, do a set of calf raises while you brush your teeth or some squats before your shower. Tell your kids to do the same!


Whole-Grain Cereal over Sugary Cereal

Another healthy swap? Eat breakfast instead of skipping it! Breakfast helps jumpstart your metabolism and gives you energy for the day. Choose whole-grain cereals instead of sugary ones. They’re loaded with fiber, and they’re a whole lot healthier. Top a bowl off with your favorite berry too!

Play Time over Screen Time

Tell your kids to put down their devices and pick up a new activity. Basketball, football, soccer, riding bikes… the options are endless! If it’s cold out, find ways to move indoors. By limiting screen time on the TV, computer, phone or tablet, your family will have more opportunities to get active.

riding bikes outside

Play with Your Kids Instead of Watching Them Play

When your kids swap screen time for play time, join in on the fun! Instead of just supervising them as they play, play with them. It’s a super way to bond with your kids. Plus, you can get your 30 minutes of physical activity, and help your kids get their 60 minutes.

fruit snack

Healthy Lunch Packs over Store-Bought Lunches

At the grocery store, avoid reaching for pre-packaged combo lunches. They’re super unhealthy and expensive. Instead, make your own Healthy Lunch Packs! Get maximum bang — and flavor — for your buck.

deli sandwich

Lean Turkey over Hot Dogs

For a quick lunch at home, a hot dog may sound like a good idea. But despite their convenience, hot dogs are fatty, salty and unhealthy. Instead, swap a hot dog for some lean turkey. Make a sandwich, or try a Turkey Vegetable Wrap. It’s just as convenient, and it’s a much healthier option.

kids playing inside

Laps over Naps

It’s easy to fall into the trap of a cozy living room — especially when the temperature drops. However, 60 minutes of daily physical activity is essential for growing children. So whether it’s the weekend or after school, remind your kids (and yourself): laps over naps, lunging over lounging and crunches over couches.

hummus and veggies

Carrots & Hummus over Chips & Dip

This school year, stick with healthier snacks by swapping potato chips for crispy veggie sticks. You’ll get the crunch without the salt and fat. Use crisp veggies like carrots or celery sticks, and dip them in some yummy hummus. Naturally delicious!

healthy yogurt parfait

Low Fat Yogurt over Ice Cream

This school year, serve a healthier dessert by deserting ice cream and scooping some low-fat yogurt into your bowl. You can get the creamy coolness of ice cream, but with less sugar and fat (and way more nutrients). Make your yogurt even better by adding blackberries, blueberries or raspberries, too!

drink water

Water over Sugary Drinks

Water is healthy, refreshing and has no sugar or calories! Plus, it helps prevent headaches and fatigue. So choose water over sugary drinks like soda, sports drinks and juice boxes. For a burst of refreshing flavor, try Strawberry Basil or Blueberry Orange water.

Find 10 more healthy swaps your family can make to live healthier. Other simple, healthy swaps include:

  • Cooking instead of eating out to help you eat better. Find dozens of healthy, low-cost recipes here.
  • Trying infused water recipes to help you drink more water.
  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator to help you move more.
  • Swapping smoke breaks for walk breaks to help you be tobacco free.

Simple swaps. Amazing results.

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