Many Oklahoma children participate in childcare or afterschool programs, which are tremendously beneficial to a child’s growth and development. These programs provide a healthy environment through nutritious snacks, physical activity opportunities and assistance with schoolwork. They can make their environments even healthier by adopting tobacco-free policies.

Not only will a 100% tobacco-free policy enhance the positive health messages children already see every day, it will create an environmental norm that influences them to remain tobacco free throughout the rest of their lives.


Smoking prevention is essential in the school environment. Your child’s friends and classmates are some of the strongest influences when it comes to risk behavior, and peer pressure may leave your child vulnerable to tobacco use. But with 100% tobacco-free policies and smoking-prevention education, schools can help reduce a child’s likelihood to smoke and protect them from the many dangers of tobacco. Oklahoma state law requires schools to adopt 24/7 tobacco-free policies, further protecting students from the dangers of tobacco before and after school, and during sports and other events, too.

Plus, as a smokefree zone, you’ll reduce litter cleanup costs associated with tobacco waste.

Learn about Oklahoma’s 24/7 Tobacco-Free Schools program below.