There are plenty of free workouts available online, but often they aren’t geared toward older adults and/or anyone with mobility challenges. That’s why we designed these low-impact moves that can be done 100% from a chair!

Disclaimer: Always make sure to consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine.

Ready to get started? Follow the step-by-step guide below, download it for later — or watch this video!

Warm Up: Neck and Shoulder Rolls

Ready to rock and roll?

Warm Up: Neck and Shoulder Rolls Workout for Older Adults

Start by rolling your shoulders a few times each way.

Warm Up: Neck and Shoulder Rolls

Next, warm up your neck. Slowly and gently rotate your head in a circle, then switch directions!

#1. Arm T’s and Y’s

Now that you’re warm, let’s dive into the workout!

#1. Arm T’s and Y’s

Extend your arms horizontally to form a T shape, then lower them back down to your sides (10 times total).

#1. Arm T’s and Y’s

Once you have that one down to a T, raise your arms even higher to make a Y (10 times total).

#2. Run in Place

Great work!

#2. Run in Place  Workout for Older Adults 

Next, move your arms and legs in place as if you’re running a race for 30 seconds!

#3. Leg + Overhead Extensions

Now, it’s time to raise the roof!

#3. Leg + Overhead Extensions

Lift both arms overhead as you extend one leg forward. Then, alternate legs! Do this one 20 total times.

#4. Curls + Arnold Presses

Way to go!

#4. Curls + Arnold Presses

For the next move, grab two cans or water bottles to use as weights. Curl them toward you to work your biceps, then lift them overhead (10 times total).

#5. Bent-Over Rows

Who says you need to go to the gym to do strength training?

#5. Bent-Over Rows Workout for Older Adults

Using the same weights, lean forward with your back straight. Then, pull your cans or bottles back toward your chest as if you’re rowing (10 times total).

#6. Front Kicks + Punches

You’re getting stronger already. Let’s keep it up!

#6. Front Kicks + Punches

With a weight in each hand, extend one arm and the opposite leg forward, then alternate sides, 20 times total.

#7. Triceps Kickbacks

Fantastic job! 

#7. Triceps Kickbacks

Next, hold your weights on both sides of your chest and lean forward with your back flat. Straighten out your elbows directly behind you (10 times total)!

#8. Incline Hold

Now, let’s work your core.

#8. Incline Hold

Scoot forward until you’re sitting on the edge of your seat. Cross your arms over your chest, then lean back slowly until you reach a 45° angle. Hold for 30 seconds!

#9. Figure Four Stretch

Woohoo, you made it to the best part … the cool down!

#9. Figure Four Stretch Workout for Older Adults

Place one of your ankles on the opposite quad, just above your knee. Hold for 30 seconds on each side.

Great work today! Want to keep the momentum going? Go for a walk or try another idea from this blog post. Either way, be sure to refuel — we have plenty of healthy recipes for snacks, lunch and dinner!