The idea of improving community health may sound overwhelming.  However, it’s much simpler than you might think. All it takes is one person to get the ball rolling. You could start a walking group with your coworkers, or set up a neighborhood kickball league at a local park. You could start a community garden too!

You can even make an impact at a larger level by working with city officials to improve community health. Shape Your Future makes this process easy by connecting you with TSET Healthy Living Program grantees in your area! Just click the button below to get started!

Or, if you’re already making an impact in your community, share your story and inspire others to follow your lead! Just click the button below! Plus, check out stories from other communities to see how they’re making a difference in community health.

“A little bit of movement every day pays dividends in a big way.” For Rita Freeney, this statement isn’t just a friendly suggestion — it’s the mantra of her non-profit walking group,  Sisters in Motion. Watch and learn all about them, and find other ways to get active in your community here!

Residents in Collinsville, Oklahoma are hiking and biking more than ever. Why? The brand-new trails around the city might have something to do with it. Thanks in part to a TSET Healthy Communities Incentive Grant, a series of trails were installed to encourage citizens to live more active lives. Watch their story to learn more.

Click here to find toolkits to help you make a difference in your community, from implementing healthy workplace policies to improving school wellness. These toolkits provide the framework for how to get started improving health where you live, work, learn and play.