Healthy citizens mean healthy communities. But with fast food restaurants and convenience stores crowding out traditional food venues, improving community nutrition may seem daunting. Eating healthy isn’t easy when healthy foods choices aren’t always available.

By working together, we can initiate change and make strides in community health. Through community gardens, nutrition assessments and more, schools, businesses, restaurants and all members of the community have the power to improve public health. Together, we can make the healthy choice the easy choice.

Here are just a few ideas on how to help improve community nutrition:

  • Set up a community garden where families can grow their own fresh produce.
  • Encourage schools to host healthy bake sales.
  • Conduct nutrition assessments on local restaurants or grocery stores. Share results with the managers to show that customers want healthy food choices.
  • Collaborate with local restaurants to provide nutrition information on menu items.
  • Find community co-ops near you to bring farm-grown produce to your table.
  • Partner with local media to showcase community nutrition opportunities.
  • Connect schools with local farmers to provide fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables.
  • Shop at farmers markets for fresh, locally grown foods.