Need a boost of inspiration to kick-start your healthy lifestyle? One of the best ways to build motivation is to learn what’s worked for real people like you, like these four Oklahomans. Here’s how they changed their routines and formed better habits that stuck. See how you can, too!



Chad quickly lost ten pounds when he gave up soda, but he gained so much more in return:

  • Energy to exercise
  • Motivation to change his eating habits
  • Satisfaction, knowing he’s a healthy role model for his kids


He glows when he talks about his family, saying things like: “My motivation now is my kids. My son told me he wanted to be healthy and eat right like I do. It meant a lot to me.” It’s never too late to become a healthier role model for your own kids.

Try what worked for him.  



Meet Alex, a young working mother with a husband who also works. She wanted to live a healthier life, but she was tired… and she worried she was too busy to take on a new challenge. Like many of us, she used food to manage stress. But her eating habits were fueling that stress — not relieving it. When she started making healthier choices, she knew she needed to tackle one aspect at a time to avoid burnout.

So what did she do?

  • She started with healthy eating.
  • Then, once she had more energy, she tackled exercise.

Living a healthier lifestyle transformed her into a better:

  • Wife
  • Mother
  • Employee

Just think of all that it could do for you.

Learn more about how she did it.



Dana’s wakeup call came in the doctor’s office. Her doctor broke the news that she was in a prediabetic stage. But that wasn’t her only motivation to make a change. She also wanted to feel comfortable in her own skin, especially in pictures.

Eating better and moving more helped her:

  • Improve her health
  • Feel more confident
  • Gain more energy

Now, she can keep up with her kids and the second-graders she teaches, without missing a beat. What could you accomplish if you had more energy?

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Sharon and child

Sharon’s lightbulb moment was ignited when she became a grandma. She wanted to be actively involved in her grandchildren’s lives — not just watch from the sidelines. She began exercising with the Couch to 5K program. Now, she’s running multiple 5K races every year and joined a volleyball league with her husband. She wants other Oklahomans to know that they’re “never too old to start being active.”

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