Starting new habits is a lot like slinging spaghetti noodles. You may think you have them under control, but they can still slip through your fingertips — or slide down the wall. So how do you actually make healthy habits stick? Try these 7 tricks!

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Rule #1: Prioritize your habits — and choose one.

Imagine if you hurled the entire pot of spaghetti at the wall all at once. Talk about a mess! This strategy doesn’t work with habits either. Instead, list them all out. Choose your top three. Determine which one will be the easiest… and start with that one!

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Rule #2: Identify your “why.”

What motivates you? Try to dig a little deeper here. Is your goal to replace soda with water? You might initially think your “why” is weight loss, but what’s at the core? More energy to keep up with your kids at the park? A longer, healthier life surrounded by your future grandkids? This is the kind of motivation that lasts.

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Rule #3: ID your obstacles — and plan ahead.

What’s standing in your way? If you walk past the soda machine at work frequently, take a different route if you can. Or keep a healthy drink in your hand, like a glass of refreshing infused water.

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Rule #4: Set yourself up for success.

Make the healthy choice the easy choice. Ditch the soda in your fridge — and stock it with water bottles instead.

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Rule #5: Find an accountability buddy.

Do you have a friend, coworker or family member with similar goals? They can offer support during moments of weakness — and celebrate your big wins! If you don’t, try joining an online support group like our private Facebook group.

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Rule #6: Learn from your slips.

Like the spaghetti noodles, you’ll slip and slide from time to time — everyone does! When you do, try to stay positive and curious. Beating yourself up can lead to feelings of defeat — and eventually giving up altogether. Just learn from what went wrong, make a plan for next time and get back on your feet!

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Rule #7: Keep the momentum going.

Is your habit taking a while to stick? That’s OK! Some people claim it only takes 21 days to form a habit, but that’s a myth. Your timeline will be just as unique as you are. When you do master it, you’ll surf the wave of progress onto the next one!

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