Sports are a great way for kids to get active, learn leadership skills and make new friends. However, some kids have a hard time joining teams. In fact, many kids lose interest in sports before they turn 13.

Curious about how to get your kids interested in sports? Check out the tips below! 

Try On As Many Hats, or Jerseys, As You Can!

More often than not, your child won’t stick with the first sport they try, so encourage them to try as many as possible until they find the one they love! Talk to their teachers, other parents, local recreation centers or check online for affordable resources nearby. With so many sports out there — from swimming and gymnastics to dance and soccer — they are sure to find the perfect fit.

Make Physical Activity the Norm

If your kiddos are used to relaxing in the evenings, their first team practice might come as a shock. To avoid nerves, injuries and unexpected muscle soreness, make physical activity a normal part of your household routine. If you’ve already signed your children up for a sport, reach out to their coach for accessible conditioning exercises they can do at home to prepare. If you’re still on the hunt for a sport they’ll enjoy, check out this list of active ideas!

Take It From the Pros …

A great way to spark your kids’ interest in sports is to watch them on a professional level. Take them to a minor league baseball game or check out a college gymnastics meet, wrestling match or softball game. Hopefully, your kids will feed off the energy and joy from the crowd and will love seeing competitive sports played in real life. They may even ask to join a roster of their own on the ride home!

… And the Not-So Pros

If attending a professional or college sports match is out of your budget or too far away, scale it back a little. Ask teachers or principals for your local high school’s athletic schedule, cheer on your team with pride and encourage your kids’ friends to join you for a fun-filled night for all!

Focus on the Fun

If your child is new to sports, remove the competitive element from the equation and just focus on the fun at first. If your kid feels pressured to be the best when they’re still struggling to grasp initial techniques, they’ll be far more likely to kiss sports goodbye. Instead, make sure they feel supported as they have fun and learn about teamwork. Yes, sports are competitive, but the real point is not to win — it’s to have fun and get active!

For ideas on how to get moving in your own home, check out this list. For tips on how to fuel their athletic adventures, check out our recipes page.