Here are just a few ideas on how to help improve physical fitness in your community:

Start extracurricular physical activity programs.

Schools can make physical activity opportunities available to all students through afterschool programs like dance classes, walking or running clubs or other activities.

Improve access to outdoor recreational facilities.

Parks and green spaces, community playgrounds, sports fields and facilities, public pools and walking and biking trails allow for a variety of physical activities for all members of the community.

Enhance biking infrastructure.

Creating bike lanes and shared-use paths on roads, and providing bike racks around public spaces will increase the likelihood of bicycling within the community.

Enhance walking infrastructure.

Adding sidewalks, footpaths and walking trails will encourage citizens to walk more. Also, improved street lighting and traffic-calming devices like speed bumps and traffic circles will enhance walking safety in your community.

Improve access to public transportation.

Mass transit systems like buses and streetcars encourage the use of public transit, which could increase physical activity levels when citizens walk to and from bus and streetcar stops.