Healthy Schools

Staying active for 60 minutes every day is an elementary way for your kids to shine during school. Regular physical activity strengthens the immune system, improves sleep and reduces stress. So be sure your kids are moving every day—before, during and after school.


There are lots of ways your kids can get active before, or even on the way to school.

  • Stretch with your kids in the morning. Warm up with some arm circles or toe touches before heading out the door.
  • As long as it’s safe, walk or bike to school. Be sure their route has adult crossing guards at every intersection, and always wear a helmet.


P.E. and recess aren’t the only times kids should be moving at school. Encourage teachers to take activity breaks throughout the day. Here are some suggestions:

  • Chair-obics. Students can do leg lifts and stretches while seated in their chairs.
  • Action Words. Read a story aloud. Every time a verb comes up, students can act it out.
  • Scenic Route. Stop class 3 minutes early, and take the long way to the next class.


Encourage your kids to get some extra movement during their extracurricular activities. Take note of these easy ideas, and chalk one up for good health.

  • Play together as a family. Go for a bike ride, shoot some hoops or take a walk.
  • Enroll your child in afterschool activities like sports, dance or fitness programs.
  • Make a trip to the pumpkin patch or a local park.
  • Rake the leaves for some exercise and tidying up.