after school walk

Getting 60 minutes of physical activity each day is an A+ way for your kids to thrive during school. Here’s why: Regular physical activity strengthens the immune system, improves sleep and reduces stress.

Before, during or after school — we have tips that work for any time. Check them out!

kids running


Put some pep in your mornings — before or on the way to school.

  • Stretch with your kids in the morning. Warm up with some arm circles or toe touches before heading out the door.
  • As long as it’s safe, walk or bike to school. Be sure your child’s route has adult crossing guards at every intersection, and always have them wear a helmet.

school activities


Talk to your kid’s teachers about taking activity breaks throughout the day. Giving students a brain break improves their concentration and engagement while also reducing disruptive behaviors. Here are some ideas:

  • Chair-obics. Students can do leg lifts and stretches while seated in their chairs.
  • Action Words.Read a story aloud. Every time a verb comes up, students can act it out.
  • Scenic Route.Stop class 3 minutes early, and take the long way to the next class.

evening activities


  • Play together as a family. Go for a bike ride, shoot some hoops or take a walk.
  • Enroll your child in after school activities like sports, dance or fitness programs.
  • Make a trip to the pumpkin patch or a local park.
  • Rake the leaves for some exercise and tidying up.

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