Meal prepping is a great way to save time and money, plus prevent food waste. If you’re worried eating the same meal might be boring, or if grocery shopping sounds overwhelming, have no fear! Try these easy meal prep hacks to add variety to your plates and put the supermarket stress at ease.

Start with the Basics

Before getting started, simplify healthy eating with these meal prepping basics:

  1. Choose simple ingredients. The key is simplicity, so avoid meals with lots of spices that take hours to prep.
  2. Use your freezer. If you’ve ever made a meal that reheated well, add it into the rotation! Plenty of freezer-friendly recipes still taste great when they’re warmed up days later for a quick dinner or lunch. You can also save leftovers to ensure your food doesn’t go to waste!
  3. Use weekends as prep time. It’s hard to spend time in the kitchen after a long day of work and extracurricular activities. Instead, utilize your weekend!

Grocery Shop Smart

Now you’re ready to go shopping! Try these tips:

  1. Kick things off with this daily meal planner! We’ve mapped out an entire week of meals, along with a grocery list.
  2. Buy items you can use in multiple recipes, like this Salsa Chicken that can be enjoyed four different ways — or, if your family loves sweet potatoes, here are five ways to prepare them.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll master the aisles in no time!


Choose Easy, Healthy Recipes

Meal prepping isn’t one size fits all. You can customize it to fit your family’s unique needs, and if you’ve never meal prepped before, no sweat! We have some great make-ahead recipes.

  1. Try this Pasta Bake for weeks when you need something hearty and filling.
  2. If you’re wanting some savory comfort food without the crash, this Roasted Turkey Breast is for you!
  3. Does your family crave unhealthy foods? Try this Turkey Burger recipe as a healthy alternative.

The possibilities are endless! Want more ideas? Check out our meal prep guide! For even more healthy recipes, go to ShapeYourFutureOK.com.