Be Healthy on a Tight Budget

“Sometimes making healthy choices is hard because my family is on a budget.”

There are tons of ways to be healthy even when your budget is tight. Check out these healthy recipes you can make and exercises you can do for less.

10 Super-smart Supermarket Tips

Be a supermarket superstar with these money-saving tricks. Shop on the edge of the store where all the healthy foods hang out. Another trick is to avoid rush hour. The longer you wait in line, the more likely you are to cave into cravings for candy or soda.

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“I stopped drinking soda every day and started drinking water instead.”

Edmond, OK

Budget-Friendly Tips

10 Ways to Stretch Your Dollar at the Dollar Store

Crush your health and budget goals at the same time. From canned beans and dried spices to rolled oats and brown rice, you can score tons of pantry staples.


“I wanted to save money, so I found free apps and videos online to do at home to stay active.”

Muskogee, OK

Budget-Friendly Tips

Frozen Smoothie Packs

Smoothies? Smooth move. They’re great for sneaking veggies past picky eaters. Plus, frozen produce is cheaper!

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Make a list! It’s easier to stay on-budget if you stick to your grocery list. And it’s easier to stick to your list if you don’t shop when you’re hungry!

Free 5-Day Workout Plan

Can’t afford a family gym membership? Don’t sweat it. Get moving with this 5-day workout plan that won’t cost you a dime!

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Free 5-Day Meal Plan

This meal plan is great for hitting your family’s budgeting goals. Be sure to check off the items you already have in your pantry before grocery shopping!

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One Sauce. Endless Possibilities.

Anything is sauce-able for family dinner night with this quick 5-minute tomato sauce.

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