Be Healthy on a Tight Budget

“Sometimes it’s hard to make healthy choices because it can get expensive.”

There are tons of affordable ways to be healthy. Check out these healthy recipes you can make and exercises you can do for less.

5 Healthy Family Meals that Cost Less Than $12

From tacos to pasta, these five recipes check all the boxes: budget, flavor, nutrition and simplicity!

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“Making a plan for meals and snacks each week really saves us money and makes sure that nothing goes to waste.”

Oklahoma City, OK

Budget-Friendly Tips

100+ Affordable Activities in Oklahoma

You don’t have to shell out the cash to make memories with your family. Whether your kids are bookworms, energized extroverts or born for the great outdoors, find the perfect activity for them here — without breaking the bank.

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“I wanted to save money, so I found free apps and videos online to do at home to stay active.”

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Budget-Friendly Tips

10 Alternatives to Gym Equipment

Whoever said you need an expensive gym membership to exercise was mistaken! Search your garage, broom closet and pantry for these alternatives and sneak in some extra gains between your chores.

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Make a list! It’s easier to stay on budget if you stick to your grocery list — and it’s easier to stick to your list if you don’t shop hungry.

Free 5-Day Workout Plan

Can’t afford a family gym membership? Don’t sweat it. Get moving with this 5-day workout plan that won’t cost you a dime!

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Budget-Friendly Tips