Be Healthy on a Tight Budget

“Sometimes making healthy choices is hard because my family is on a budget.”

There are tons of ways to be healthy even when your budget is tight. Check out these healthy recipes you can make and exercises you can do for less.

5 Healthy Family Meals that Cost Less Than $12

From tacos to pasta, these five recipes check all the boxes: budget, flavor, nutrition and simplicity!

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“I stopped drinking soda every day and started drinking water instead.”

Edmond, OK

Budget-Friendly Tips

A Step-by-Step Guide to Meal Prepping on a Budget

Save money by making several meals at once. Bonus: To save even more, find several recipes with the same ingredients!

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“I wanted to save money, so I found free apps and videos online to do at home to stay active.”

Muskogee, OK

Budget-Friendly Tips

Get Moving … No Gym Membership Needed!

Want to break a sweat without breaking the bank? Work out while washing the car. Dance while cooking dinner. Lift household items like weights. The sky’s the limit!

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Make a list! It’s easier to stay on-budget if you stick to your grocery list. And it’s easier to stick to your list if you don’t shop when you’re hungry!

Free 5-Day Workout Plan

Can’t afford a family gym membership? Don’t sweat it. Get moving with this 5-day workout plan that won’t cost you a dime!

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Budget-Friendly Tips