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Eat Healthy and Be Active Anywhere

“It’s hard to make healthy choices because I don’t live close to a supermarket or gym.”

If healthy options are scarce where you live, you’re not alone. The good news is that there are plenty of ways for you and your family to eat healthy and get active — no matter where you are! Keep scrolling for exercises you can do anywhere, plus recipes you can make and freeze for future family meals.

10 Healthy Ways to Stretch Your Dollar at the Dollar Store

In a pinch? Pick up these items at the dollar store! From frozen fruits and veggies to oats and brown rice, you can score tons of freezer and pantry staples without even leaving your neighborhood.


“I don’t have a gym in my hometown, so I looked into free local resources like the high school track or free classes at the library to stay active.”

Texhoma, OK

Healthy Hacks for Wherever You Are

Cans Are The New Dumbbells (and More Home Workout Ideas)

Towels? More like… resistance bands! Chairs? They’ll keep you on the edge of your seat… literally! They’re great for chair dips or chair lunges. Use these household items you already own to get moving with your family without even leaving the house!

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Ready, set, freeze! When you do get to go to the store, stock up on staples like whole grain rice, whole wheat bread or tortillas to freeze. They’ll stay fresh longer!

Turn Your Family Walk into a Game with These 10 Tips

Walking doesn’t have to be a drag. Spice it up… and spike your heart rate with these walking games for your family!

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“The freezer is my best friend because I don’t live close to a grocery store. I stock up on staples and freeze them for a later date.”

Mary Kyle
Collinsville, OK

Five Minutes. Endless Sauce-abilities.

This 5-minute sauce is perfect for people who don’t get to grocery shop often. Make a big batch and use it for multiple family meals in the same week!

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Healthy Hacks for Wherever You Are

Five Days to a More Active Lifestyle

Need workout ideas that don’t require a gym? Here are 5 days’ worth of workouts you can do just about anywhere — with or without your kids!

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