One small change can make a big impact One small change can make a big impact

What’s New with Shape Your Future:

Shape Your Future provides resources for parents, children, teachers, businesses and all Oklahomans to help them make the healthy choice the easy choice.

100+ Free or Cheap Activities in Oklahoma

Ready to get out of the house without breaking the bank? Check out our long list of kid-friendly ideas and activities the whole family will love!

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Shake Up Your Workout Routine

FREE Home Workouts for Beginners with Skye, Addie & Jasmine!

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Calculate Your Sugar Intake

Many popular drinks pack more sugar than you’d think — even juices, smoothies and sports drinks! Are you consuming more sugar than you realize?

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Discover the Power of One

Mixing one healthy habit into your daily routine? It adds up! See how to achieve a healthier lifestyle — one habit at a time.

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Your Low-Sugar Shopping Guide

Many cereals & yogurts are loaded with sugar. Learn ways to spot the healthier options with this cheat sheet!

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Free Health Care Provider Materials

Shape Your Future has free health care provider materials like posters, prescription pads, tip cards and more that provide healthy reminders to patients.

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Free Shape Your Future Materials

Shape Your Future has free posters for teachers, school nurses, parents and more that are easily downloadable from the link below.

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Time-Saving Tips

On a busy schedule? We’ve got you covered. Browse this collection of time-saving resources.

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Budget-Friendly Hacks

Learn how to stretch your dollar and stay healthy in this hub of budget-friendly resources.

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Be Healthy Everywhere

If you don’t live near a supermarket or gym, have no fear. These resources are useful for anyone, anywhere.

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