Creating workplace environments more suitable for healthy living is a win-win for employees and employers. A healthy business means more productivity, more energy and a lot less stress. To get started, employers can stock vending machines with healthy options or put up posters promoting healthy living. And employees can make simple changes like taking the stairs over the elevator or trying easy, office exercises.

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The Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum in Seminole, Oklahoma, is a hub for healthy behavior. Not only do they have fun, interactive exhibits for kids (and a 23-acre outdoor play area!), they provide healthy activities and food options for employees, too! Healthier employees result in fewer sick days and, more importantly, a more energetic workforce. Healthy behavior. It’s good for business.

For visitors at the Shawnee Senior Center, getting active never gets old. From dance classes to gardening to Tai Chi lessons and more, the center offers an array of ways for seniors to get moving and have fun. Plus, the center offers healthy programs for employees too. Watch and learn more about their story!