The importance of physical activity in the workplace is immense—for employees and employers. Healthy employees take less sick days, are more productive and are generally happier, too. For employers, this means more efficiency, more profitability and a better work environment, which could attract new employees and even more business.

Worksite wellness programs are a great way to improve the health of Oklahoma’s workforce.

By implementing policies and practices that promote healthy habits, employers can enhance the health of their employees and their business.

Click the link below for tips on how employees can be more active in the workplace.

Tips to promote an active lifestyle in the workplace:

  • Encourage employees to walk more and take the stairs.
  • Supply resistance bands for some moderate activity.
  • Start a wellness committee or a walking group.
  • Allow flexible work and lunch schedules.
  • Encourage employees to take lunch break workouts.
  • Select worksites near walking trails and fitness centers.