Shape Your Future: Community Health Education

Shape Your Future is dedicated to community wellness and nutrition. We’re committed to sharing the benefits of eating better, moving more, and being tobacco free.  Shape Your Future, which began as a teaser campaign named 5320, was created to raise awareness about Oklahoma’s health issues. The number 5320 represents the number of lives that could be saved if Oklahoma just met the national average of health status indicators, and it has become our goal to shape Oklahoma’s future through nutrition and fitness education and encouraging a tobacco-free lifestyle.  The Shape Your Future campaign encourages parents, caregivers, children, people who work with children, and each Oklahoman to eat more fruits and vegetables and get the appropriate amount of physical activity every day. Learn how healthy habits can follow you for life by visiting our media room. Eat better. Move more. Be tobacco free.

Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles

From challenges and contests to holidays, events and everyday information, Shape Your Future is finding ways to make the healthy choice the easy choice. Find out what healthy fun we have this month, and check out our most recent commercials, too.