If it feels like your grocery bill is higher than usual, you’re not alone. Food prices are on the rise. Families can expect to pay more when shopping for groceries and eating out.

What you eat impacts your wallet and your health. Here are five simple tips to curb costs and feed your family well.

1. Boost Your Proteins

The cost of meat can really add up. Adding veggies or beans can help stretch a pound of ground beef and your grocery budget. Try boosting taco meat with black beans, frozen peppers or diced sweet potatoes. It’s an easy way to up the nutritional value of your meal and keep costs low.

2. Try Breakfast For Dinner

You can eat “breakfast” foods any time of day. Eggs are filling, budget-friendly and packed with protein. Scramble eggs for a quick snack or make egg salad for a sandwich. The options are endless: breakfast burritos, omelets, frittatas, breakfast pizza, etc. Your family is sure to be egg-cited about this new idea.

3. Shop Your Pantry First

Before you head to the store, check your fridge, freezer and pantry to see what you already have. Create a list with:

  • Leftovers
  • Items that could be combined to make a meal
  • Food that needs just one or two ingredients to make a dish

You may find you already have more food than you think! This strategy can help you reduce waste and stay in budget.

4. Save Money When Eating Out

Keep an eye out for dining deals. A lot of places offer discounts on weekdays or have a day when “kids eat free.” If you take advantage of these offers, you could cut costs just by eating out on a Wednesday rather than a busy Saturday night.

Split a meal with a family member or friend when dining out to save even more. Most restaurants will even bring an extra plate for free. It’s a simple way to spend less and keep your portion size under control.

Skip the soda and drink  water instead. Soft drinks can easily add $10 to your tab as a family of four. Choosing water when you eat out is also an easy way to cut down on the amount sugary drinks you consume each day.

5. Find a Low-Cost Favorite

Have a meal that’s quick, inexpensive and healthy? Perfect! Put that meal on your menu once a week. Whether it’s Taco Tuesday, Spaghetti Sunday or even just a dedicated night for leftovers, a routine takes the stress out of meal planning.

Kids love predictably, and you’ll love that it’s one less decision for you to make. Having a “go-to” meal means you can keep whatever spices or ingredients you’ll need on hand, reducing the number of things you need to buy at the store.

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