With so many treats lying around this time of year, it can feel tough to stick to your goals. But instead of seeing it as a challenge, what if you used it as an opportunity to model healthy habits for your coworkers? Here are some ways to make your workplace healthier this holiday season.

1. Make hydration fun — for everyone!

water glass

Stay healthy and hydrated by drinking water throughout the day. Encourage your office mates to do the same by introducing them to delicious infused water. The apple cinnamon flavor is perfect for the holiday season — bring in a whole pitcher or two to share!

2. Bring a healthy treat to the holiday potluck.


It’s easier to stay on track at a holiday party when there are healthy options available, like this sweet potato pie. It’s sweet, savory and only contains three grams of sugar per slice! You can also bring these maple-glazed carrots or spiced pumpkin nut bread.

3. Balance out the treats with fruits and veggies.

oatmeal and fruit

Make the meals and snacks between parties count. Start the day with a healthy breakfast using these recipes and aim to fill half your plate with fruits and veggies at every meal. Use these 10 winning ideas for incorporating more fruits and veggies into your lifestyle.

4. Use technology to your advantage.

There are tons of free apps and online support groups that can help you plan healthy meals, track your steps or practice stress-relieving, deep-breathing exercises. In fact, Shape Your Future even has a closed Facebook group where Oklahomans who are striving to be healthy can connect with and support one another. Join here.

5. Keep your stress in check.

work stretches

The best way to avoid reaching for comforting, unhealthy foods when you’re stressed is to address the source — the stress itself. Exercise has been proven time and time again to help in managing stress levels, especially yoga. Get started with these poses — and invite your coworkers to join in on the fun over lunch, on breaks or after work. If yoga’s not your thing, you can walk laps around your office building or at a nearby park.

6. Talk to your boss about starting a healthy workplace program.

Healthier employees often have better morale, are more productive and get sick less often.

Make suggestions like:

All in all, it’s easier to maintain healthy habits all year long than it is to start over with New Year’s resolutions. The more coworkers you involve in your healthy efforts, the better. With a little creativity and planning, you can stay healthy at work through the holidays.

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