In these uncertain times, two things are still true: Physical activity and healthy eating are excellent coping tools. Not only do they promote physical health, but they can also have a positive impact on your family’s mental health.

Please use the following videos, blog posts and free downloadable content for your organization, audience, family or yourself. Shape Your Future is here to help make the healthy choice the easy choice for all Oklahomans, especially during this challenging time.

Quick, Healthy Tips

Get Active

Physical activity can help reduce stress and boost your immune system.

  • Adults need 30 minutes of physical activity a day, and kids need 60. You don’t have to do it all at once — divide it into smaller breaks throughout your day.
  • Make it a family affair with kid-friendly workout videos. Work up a sweat (and have fun!) with our FREE workout videos below.

Proper Nutrition is Key

Fruits and vegetables are essential for a healthy diet and keep your body strong to fight off illness.

  • Incorporate fresh, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables into your meals each day.
  • At the grocery store, avoid buying unhealthy snack foods like chips, sugary drinks and sweets. Instead, opt for healthier snacks like carrots and hummus or fruit with a nut butter of your choice.
  • Think outside the box with your meals. Let the kids plan a dinner, make a new recipe or try a new vegetable. This is a great time to teach your kids about healthy habits in the kitchen.

Make Healthy Swaps

Making healthy swaps each day will help you stay productive and reduce fatigue.

  • Swap soda for water. It’s tempting to drink sugary drinks like fruit juice, sports drinks, soda, energy drinks or alcohol while you’re at home. Choose water instead and watch your health soar.
  • Trade junk food for healthy snacks. Choose fruit, sliced veggies, unsalted popcorn, pretzels, nuts and seeds over chips and sweets. These healthy snacks contain fiber, which helps you feel full until your next meal.
  • Swap screen time for active time. Aside from work and school tasks, try limiting your family’s screen time to one to two hours a day. Get outside if the weather is nice and play a game, take a family walk around the block or have a dance party in your living room.


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