Time is valuable for any busy mom. Your days are filled with tasks, errands, housework and kid’s activities.

You may have heard that self-care is important for your mental health, but just the idea of it can feel like one more thing you need to fit into your schedule.

However, you don’t always need hours of alone time or a trip to the spa to get the benefits of self-care. Being kind to yourself can go a long way to protect your health, wellbeing and happiness.

Building a foundation of healthy habits can also help decrease the feelings of burnout, stress and even depression that busy mothers often experience.

Here are some tips to make self-care part of your daily routine.

Get Better Sleep

self care tips for busy moms: get better sleep

When you have young children, your sleep is often interrupted, but a good night’s rest is crucial for minimizing stress. Adults need at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

Developing good sleep habits can help you and your family unlock your best sleep yet.

Here’s how:

  • Limit screen time before bed.
  • Create a relaxing pre-bedtime routine.
  • Avoid late meals and caffeine.
  • Add some movement to your day.
  • Go to bed around the same time each night.

Move Your Body

self care tips for busy moms: move your body

Finding time to exercise can be difficult for moms, especially if you don’t have childcare. Adults need 30 minutes of movement each day while kids need 60. The key is to get creative!

Here are some easy ways to practice self-care through physical activity. 

  • Build strength and bond with your baby with a Mom & Baby Workout.
  • Bust a move during naptime. Take advantage of these FREE workout videos while your child rests or has quiet time.
  • Multitask your movement. Before you put your laundry away, do a few squats with your full basket, or use a broom to squeeze in some oblique twists as you sweep. It all adds up!
  • Walk to meet your kids at the bus stop or take a post-dinner stroll as a family.
  • Spend time outside. Even just 10 minutes can improve your wellbeing.
  • Get active with your kids. Check out these ideas to combine family fun and physical activity.

Balance Your Plate

self care tips for busy moms: balance your diet

Eating better can give you the energy needed to keep up with your kids and live a longer, healthier life. Small changes and simple swaps are great ways to boost your nutrition without sacrificing hours of your time.

Consider these ideas:

  • Divide your plate in half. Fill one side with your favorite fruits or veggies.
  • Swap your side. Pick fresh fruits or steamed veggies instead of fries when eating out.
  • Focus on meals that are quick, easy and nutritious. Check out our recipe guide for 7 Meals in 20 Minutes or Less.
  • Try batch cooking. Double or even triple a recipe, so you can eat some now and freeze the rest for an easy meal later.

Just Add Water

self care tips for busy moms: drink more water

Sometimes a sip of water or a nice warm bath is the perfect thing to calm down a crying child. As busy moms, it’s easy to forget that the incredible benefits of water are good for us, too. Hot showers and refreshing glasses of water are both forms of self-care. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, try adding some water to your day.

Here’s how:

  • Make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day with this FREE tracker. Did you know moms need at least 4–5 glasses of water each day?
  • Treat yourself. Add fruit or herbs to your water to make it even more refreshing!
  • Ask a friend or your partner to play with your kids so you can take a relaxing bath or shower.
  • Listen to the sounds of water. Find calming soundscapes online and pause for a moment to breathe deeply while listening to heavy rain, ocean waves or rushing streams.

Start Small To Build Healthy Habits

self care tips for busy moms: build healthy habits to your routine

Your health and wellbeing affect your entire family. They are counting on you! By incorporating self-care into your regular routine, you will become an even more amazing parent. You’ve got this, mom!