Tired of eating the same old veggie meal after meal? We know how easy it can be to stick to what you know and what your family will eat, but vegetable fatigue is real. Before you burn out on your favorites, why not try to mix up your meals every once in a while? Here are 14 veggies to try based on four common favorites.


Fresh and frozen broccoli is tasty, affordable and versatile. However, eating broccoli six nights in a row can get a little dull. If you find yourself reaching for the tiny trees every time you go to the market, add one of these veggies to next week’s grocery haul:

  • Green beans: Canned, fresh and frozen green beans are all great and affordable options to add to your plate. Sauté them with garlic for a crunchy side dish, or warm them up alongside your favorite BBQ meal.
  • Cauliflower: Of course we’re going to talk about the colorless version of broccoli! Cauliflower makes a great buddy, or replacement, if you’re a fan of eating broccoli raw. If cooked veggies are more your style, cauliflower is perfect for roasting and even makes a yummy rice alternative.
  • Asparagus: This springtime veggie looks like broccoli but has its own unique texture and flavor. No matter what main dish you’re preparing, you can prep asparagus to match. Steam it, grill it, roast it — you choose!
  • Brussels sprouts: Did you know Brussels sprouts and broccoli come from the same plant? If you love the flavor of cooked broccoli, then Brussels are a great option to try instead. Shave them and add them to a salad or roast them up with a little spice.


This root vegetable is high in vitamins and minerals and a fall favorite. Whether you love to dip them in hummus or pair them with a sweet glaze, there are other alternatives to this hearty orange food:

  • Sweet potatoes: Keep things orange with sweet potatoes! This versatile veggie has a unique flavor that shines through in every recipe. Mash them up to enjoy on their own or chop them up to add some extra fuel to your favorite sheet-pan recipe.
  • Squash: Squash has a different texture from carrots but a similarly warm taste. This vast category contains everything from pumpkins to zucchini, and the recipes are endless!
  • Radishes: If “crunch” is your favorite thing about carrots, try radishes! This veggie comes with a bit of spice and can be cooked down into your favorite stew recipe or enjoyed raw.


From soup to sauce, tomatoes are one of the most common veggies on the market — though it’s actually a berry! While the tomato lives in the fruit family, we don’t recommend adding it to a fruit salad or yogurt parfait anytime soon! If you’re looking for a fresh veggie to add into the mix, check out these suggestions.

  • Cucumber: Cucumbers are crisp and fresh and can replace tomatoes on sandwiches or accompany them on salads.
  • Bell peppers: Add a crunch to your meals with bell peppers! These are a refreshing option to dip in hummus and veggie dip, a flavorful addition to Mexican dishes and an easy way to sneak extra nutrients into sauces. Blend them up the next time you make pasta!
  • Beets: This springy root veggie has a unique taste and a vibrant color to match it. Roast them alongside other root veggies or add them to your favorite soup!


Lettuce comes in many different shapes, shades and sizes and is an easy vegetable to toss on sandwiches or fill up salads. If you want to add some variety to your leafy meals, give these options a try!

  • Spinach: Rich in iron and other nutrients, spinach is a leafy treat that brings a little extra substance to your meals. Munch on a spinach salad or stir a few handfuls into your next one-pot meal! Just be sure to add spinach at the end; it wilts down very quickly.
  • Kale: This is another veggie with a ton of nutritious value that makes a great addition to every meal. Quick tip: Add it to almost any smoothie recipe for a healthy boost!
  • Cabbage & bok choy: If you’re looking for an affordable way to add nutrients to your next Asian-inspired meal, try cabbage. This green and purple veggie is high in vitamins and brings a healthy crunch to every recipe. You can also grab some bok choy to add to your favorite soup recipe.

In short: Veggies don’t have to be boring. There are so many options that change with every season and so many recipes to test! Next time you hit the market, spend a little extra time in the produce section and freezer aisles to find new veggies you can add to your palette. Looking for fresh recipes to bring them to life? Look no further!