From schools and childcare providers to businesses, state agencies and entire communities, all Oklahomans can fight obesity and help shape a healthier, happier future.

Communities can…

  • Take advantage of the TSET Healthy Living Program, which offers community grants intended to lessen the burden of unhealthy behaviors before they take root.
  • Enhance walking and biking infrastructure.
  • Increase access to safe outdoor recreational facilities.
  • Increase access to farmers markets.
  • Plant community gardens and support or host farmers markets.
  • Collaborate with local restaurants to provide nutrition information on menu items.

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Schools can…

  • Provide healthier lunch options. Serving fruits, vegetables and other nutritious foods will help children get the nourishment and energy they need to be healthy.
  • Replace snacks like chips and candy with healthier options in school vending machines.
  • Incorporate more movement into the school day through classroom-based physical activities or events like Walk or Bike to School.
  • Ensure that students are participating in P.E. at least 150 minutes per week for elementary students and 225 minutes for middle school students.
  • Engage students (K-12) in a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity each day, whether through P.E., exercise programs, athletics, recess or classroom activities.
  • Offer afterschool activities or intramural athletic programs.
  • Open and share their gyms and recreation areas for community use.
  • Plan school gardens.

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Businesses can…

  • Encourage employees to walk more and take the stairs.
  • Offer healthy snacks and beverages in vending machines.
  • Provide on-site weight management programs.
  • Post nutritional information in break areas.
  • Allow flexible work and lunch schedules.
  • Select worksites near walking trails and fitness centers.

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Healthcare Providers can…

  • Measure patients’ weight, height and body mass index, and educate them on the importance of keeping a healthy weight.
  • Share info on community services that help patients and families make healthier choices.
  • Refer patients who are trying to quit smoking to the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline for FREE services and support.

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Everyone can…

  • Fill half your plate with fruits and veggies at every meal.
  • Serve healthier meals. View our Recipes page for tons of ideas.
  • Serve your children water instead of sugary drinks. Find ways to add flavor to your water!
  • Get 30 minutes of physical activity every day, and help your kids get 60.
  • As long as it’s safe, encourage your children to walk or bike to school.
  • Encourage your kids to take advantage of extracurricular opportunities like afterschool clubs or intramural sports.
  • Help maximize your child’s energy levels by limiting screen time and making sure they get the appropriate amount of sleep.

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