The kids are home, the days are long and the weather is blazing HOT — it must be summertime in Oklahoma! While summer break is all about relaxation and togetherness, it can also be a time to reset your body and pick up healthy new habits. Read on for five of our favorite ways to make this season delicious, active and fun!

Top 5 Summer Favorites: Fresh Recipes

1. Fresh Recipes

Take advantage of the summer produce with tasty and healthy recipes at mealtimes. For breakfast, give overnight oats a try and top with in-season fruit. Grab a healthy lunch pack for your midday meal on the go, or bake a DIY pizza for summer nights at home. BBQ pulled chicken sliders are the perfect option for grill masters — or try a sheet pan recipe for something quick and easy!

Top 5 Summer Favorites: Outdoor Activities

2. Outdoor Activities

Oklahoma has some of the best state parks for exploring, hiking, picnicking and more! Find one near you or make it a day trip. If a splash pad is what’s on the day’s agenda, look no further than our splash pad locator to find the one that works best for your family!

You can also visit your local farmers market or pick your own produce at one of these peach and berry farms to add to your favorite summer meals!

Top 5 Summer Favorites: Refreshing Drinks

3. Refreshing Drinks

It’s important to stay hydrated in every season, but it’s even more important during the hot summer months. Water is always our number one pick when it comes to drinks, but no one said your water has to be plain! Try infusing it with fresh produce, such as watermelon, lemon or blackberries. Feel free to add some bubbles as well, if fizz is what you’re missing. For a more filling drink, try one of our fresh smoothie recipes. Mango carrot, peanut butter banana and blueberry spinach are our favorite flavor combos for summer!

Top 5 Summer Favorites: Yummy snacks and sides

4. Yummy Snacks & Sides

These healthy recipes make great snacks or additions to your favorite meals! Our refreshing watermelon, basil and feta salad is delicious on its own, but it also perfectly complements grilled chicken or fish. Our corn and black bean salad will win over everyone’s heart at a summer potluck, and you can also enjoy it as a dip with whole grain tortilla chips.

In the mood for something frozen? Try these two-ingredient pineapple pops or frozen yogurt berry bites. If popsicles are more your thing, we also have strawberry peach, blackberry lemon and watermelon recipes that are just as easy as they are tasty!

Top 5 Summer Favorites: At home fun

5. At-Home Fun

A low-cost fun day at home is our final favorite way to spend a summer day. Take advantage of the space right outside your house with sprinklers, tag, catch, sidewalk chalk and more. For added daily movement, make an evening walk a summertime tradition — or make gardening your new seasonal hobby!

These are our top picks of the season, but the fun doesn’t have to end here! Discover additional healthy recipes, activity tips and more on our home page. Now go make this summer the best one yet!